France 06.2022

My friends and I decided it was time for some sun and we decided to travel to france together. Initially we were all about going there by train to save the planet and all. But sadly the price, duration and booking process was very unappealing. We then looked into flights but they were way to expensive. So … in the end we opted for the 4 wheels again which was actually the cheapest option when traveling with 3 people.

Driving to france

The drive itself was quiet relaxing. We started very early to avoid any traffic jams on the brenner. The only traffic jams we encountered were near Genua on the autostrada towards Imperia. All in all, quiet uneventful.

Driving from Brixen to Bozen through the beautiful alps.

Arriving in Agay

Agay itselfe is a small town you get to it via St. Raphael which is the bigger town in the area. Agay seems to be comprised of mostly touristic buildings with no normal businesses. We stayed at a big resort near Agay which consists of tourist bunkers :smile:, pools, restaurants and sport areas.

View of Agay.

Awesome food we ate at Chez Georges google maps - tripadvisor. He really is an artist.

Trip to Saint-Tropez

We decided to also visit Saint Tropez. Initially we wanted to go there by ferry but we screwed up translating the website and had to return from the harbor and go by car. Actually, the traffic from Agay to Staint Tropez is insane :smile:.

When we arrived, we visited the harbor and looked at some expensive yachts, expensively clothed people and the the castle. The castle actually contained a museum and some beautiful views.


We also did some hiking if you wanna call it that. Outside of Agay there are beautiful cliffs of red stone. You have a good view on the sea and Agay.

Drive Home

The drive home was more stressful as we could not avoid the traffic jams near the lake garda. But still we got a view gorgeous views of italy.